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Circle Lenses: Kpop Beauty Secret For Big Doll Eyes

What is the secret to large, K-pop, doll eyes? Circle lenses. Okay, and probably plastic surgery, but definitely circle lens contacts on top of that! Circle lenses are a truly transformative way to give your eyes a larger, bolder appearance, which can change the aesthetic of your whole face. 

As a 10+ year wearer of circle lenses, one of the top compliments I get is for my eyes– when I have my lenses in. If you’re looking for an instant way to enlarge your eyes or want to play with different makeup or cosplay looks, circle lenses are a must.

What are Circle Lenses

Circle lenses are cosmetic contact lenses designed to enhance the appearance of the eyes by enlarging their apparent size. These lenses differ from regular colored contacts as they often feature a dark outer limbal ring. This will give the irises a larger appearance, which makes eyes appear bigger and more doll-like. Circle lenses come with or without prescriptions and have special lenses for astigmatisms as well.

Circle Lenses and K-Pop

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The meteoric rise of circle lenses can be attributed, in part, to the influence of Korean popular culture, particularly the K-Pop phenomenon. Korean idols, with their anime-like features have popularized the concept of large, doe-like eyes as a symbol of youthful innocence and attractiveness. 

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K-pop artists like BTS, Black Pink, and Red Velvet have showcased various eye-catching circle lens styles in their music videos and performances. It’s rare these days to see idols in Korea without ‘em.

Even when going for a more natural appearance– lenses that don’t increase the diameter of the iris, idols will still often wear natural looking circle lenses for more sparkly, brighter eyes. 

Are Circle Lenses Safe To Wear?

While circle lenses are seen everywhere and are generally safe to wear, it is important to understand and consider the potential risks associated with their use. Similar to normal contact lenses, circle lenses should not be worn for an extended period. It is recommended to not wear circle lenses for longer than 8 hours. 

Colored contacts in general are drying and include dye that makes it difficult for eyes to breathe. The large diameter of some designs on circle lenses can also increase the risk of irritation and dry eyes. There’s also the risk of corneal abrasions or eye infections if lenses are not maintained and handled correctly. Be sure to always handle lenses with cleans hands and take them out before sleeping.

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Uris Polaris Blue

The Polaris Blue Circle Lenses by URIS has a sky blue tone with flecks of yellow. Made without a limbal ring for that soft focus effect, this collection gives complete coverage to dark eyes but still offer a natural look.

Hana SPC Barbie Circle Black

The Hana SPC Barbie Circle Black Lenses give you dramatic, bold, brown eyes. It includes a black limbal ring that will enlarge your eyes and give you an intense, captivating stare.

Princess Pinky Sensual Grey

circle lenses

Princess Pinky Sensual Grey gives you sensual and sexy eyes with its icy grey color. The light but defined grey limbal ring helps mask your natural eye color, enlarging your eyes while still looking natural.

G&G A21 Brown

circle lenses

G&G A21 Brown circle lenses give you very natural, light brown eyes with an exaggerated dark brown limbal ring to enlarge your irises. Transform dull dark or light eyes into glowing brown eyes that sparkle in the sun.

Princess Pinky Cyberdoll Violet

For a bold, cyber punk aesthetic, Princess Pinky Cyberdoll Violet is a favorite. These mesmerizing, violet circle lens contacts give you crystal purple eyes with a bold, black limbal ring. They’re super flattering for everyday wear and great for cosplay as well.

Princess Pinky Eurasia Aqua Blue

Princess Pinky Eurasia Aqua Blue circle lens contacts have an amazing blend of aqua blue, icy grey, yellow flecks, and a deep blue limbal ring that really stands out. These circle lenses are inspired by the beautiful eyes of Eurasia where dark and light colors mix to make exotic shades.

Shop for more circle lens contacts at one of the most reputable circle lens sellers Pinky Paradise. Their product variety is endless and include all of the newest styles!

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