Straight Eyebrows For a More Youthful Look

Straight eyebrows, arched brows, unibrow, or no brow. Eyebrows are so versatile and can completely change the whole look of your face. Many people just stick with their natural brow shape and only shade them in for a more defined look. It’s easier to just fill in sparse areas in your eyebrows, but it can be a bit intimidating to change their shape. 

Luckily, any alterations you make to your brows is not permanent as it’s only hair. It’ll always grow back so don’t be afraid to play around with different eyebrow styles like the trendy straight eyebrow. You may find a more flattering look.

Are Straight Eyebrows Better?


Straight eyebrows are pretty much exactly what they sound like. Instead of your eyebrows having any kind of arch, they are shaped so they are soft, straight lines. Mainly popularized by K-Pop singers and film actresses, straight eyebrows are great if you’re looking for a more youthful, casual, innocent appearance. Having straight eyebrows can help draw more attention to your eye area and give you a natural yet bold look.

One great thing about straight eyebrows is you don’t actually need to start with a set of full, straight brows. You can easily get a straight brow by shading and shaping more thinly shaped, arched brows. It’s a great way to subtly change your face on days you want to rock a different look.

How To Do Straight Eyebrows


There are many ways to achieve the straight eyebrow look outside of just being born with them. The important thing to remember when wearing straight brows, it should give your eyebrows a fuller look without looking too styled. While straight eyebrows are a bit of a bolder look, wearing too much product can lead you to look a bit funny.


To apply a straight eyebrow, fill in your natural eyebrows so they’re about two-three levels darker than usual. Start at your inner brow, directly above your outer nostril. If your arch is too high, you may need to pluck it so your eyebrows are more parallel. 

Shade your eyebrows into a straight line, using the upper most part of your eyebrow as a reference on how high to go. You don’t want to shade too above your natural brow as that can give an unnatural look.  If the ends of your eyebrows have an arch in them or has a bit thinner hair, use the bottom of your inner brow as a reference on how low you should go. Shade in the arch or sparser areas so there’s a straight line from inner to outer brow.


Simple and easy straight eyebrow routine.

When shading and creating the line shape, try to keep a light hand so the lines blend easily and don’t look too blocky. Your eyebrows should look natural, not like two rigid lines. If the tails of your eyebrows point down, you may need to pluck or shave the tails off a bit so your brows are more straight. It’s best to wear light eye make-up with straight eyebrows to compliment the more youthful, playful look.

For a more glam look, you can take clear or colored mascara and push your eyebrow hairs in an upward motion. This will create a bolder eyebrow, fuzzier look, which has been very popular with runway models and influencers in 2022.


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Best Products For Straight Eyebrows

There are multiple eyebrow products that can be used to style your eyebrows, some being easier to apply while giving either more natural or bold eyebrows. A dry eyebrow pencil is the most common and easiest product to fill in your brows. Some opt for more wet gel pencils for a darker, sharper look, while others may just dab in the sparse spaces with a little eye shadow. Eyebrow tattooing is the most permanent and extreme method but will make it so you’ll always have a perfect brow even after waking up or getting out of the shower.

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