The Best Ring Light For Phones

The secret to a perfect selfie? A portable ring light for phones. A ring light is an essential item for those creating social media content, having video meetings, or just taking a high quality selfie. You don’t need to be a professional photographer to know how important lighting is to take a flattering picture.

A ring light will help cast a bright, even light onto the subject the camera is focused on. This will help reduce unattractive shadows as well as drown out any distracting blemishes. It also helps illuminate the eyes giving them a brighter appearance and enhancing their natural color.

It can take you from this…

To this.

It may not be apparent by how effortlessly fabulous YouTube vloggers or social media influencers look in their photos and videos but there is a lot that goes on behind their glowing, perfectly blemish-free, smooth skin. And while more and more content is being filmed from a phones and tablets, a ring light is a must have to capture a flawless image with out having to lug around huge box lights everywhere. Some would even consider it natural Photoshop!

The bright, evening light of a ring light can help drowned out shadows, blemishes, and uneveness of the skin. It can make the most dull, washed out skin look like it has that heavenly, sun-kissed, radiant glow. Unless you are shooting content in a ultra bright room or outside in the sum, a ring light makes it so you can take photos and videos in darker areas with out making it seem like a still from a horror movie. Using a ring light for all photos and videos just gives it that extra boost from amateur shot content to a professional level with out having to dish out thousands of dollars on equipment or hiring a photographer.

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The Best Ring Light for Phones

XINBAOHONG 40 LED Selfie Ring Light

The XINBAOHONG 40 LED Selfie Ring Light is a good choice if you’re just seeking a simple, cheap ring light that works well. It’s one of those no-name brand Chinese options that still offers great quality at an affordible price. It is one of the best sellers on Amazon for clip-on, ring lights. The XINBAOHONG ring light comes in white light with 3 lighting modes: low, natural, high white bright. It comes with a rechargable USB cord to charge the built-in rechargable battery, so no purchasing of batteries is needed. It is about 3.5 inches high with a width of about 1.2 inches. It will last about an hour with a full charge.

Kodak Ring Light Mini

If you’re looking for a more well known, trusted name, Kodak offers a 4 inch mini ring light that will upgrade your camera for Facetimes, TikToks, and make up/beauty videos. The Kodak Ring Light Mini comes in three light modes: warm, neutral, and cool, which also includes an adjustable dimmable feature to get that perfect lighting. It comes with a clip on attachment and can be used on your phone, laptop, etc. The Kodak Ring Light Mini has a USB-C rechargable battery and a run time of 90 minutes on a full charge.

best ring light for phones

OURRY Selfie Clip Ring Light

The OURRY Selfie Clip Ring Light is not only cute with it’s unique cat shaped ears, it’s actually a great value cell phone selfie ring light with a high powered light at an affordable cost. The OURRY light comes with 3 light modes: warm, cold, and bright cold white, which also includes a low, medium, and high adjustable brightness feature for each mode. It comes with a rechargeable battery and can run about 2 hours after a full charge, and be used while charging. The ring light can easily be rotated to illuminate perfect and exact angles and is about 3.27 inches in height and width.

Disney iJoy Mickey Mouse Clip On Selfie Ring Light

Here’s something for Disney lovers who want to rock the Mouse everywhere they go. The Disney iJoy Mickey Mouse Clip On Selfie Ring Light is another great option if you’re searching for a very bright ring light at a cheap price. This light comes with three light modes: low, medium, and high. The main light comes with two functional ‘ears’ that act as mini-lights that helps with illuminating your whole face and eliminating shadows, uneven skin, and blemishes. It has a USB rechargable battery with an average run time of 1 hour when fully charged and can easily clip on any phone, tablet, or laptop. It also leaves cute, Mickey Mouse light reflections in your eyes!

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Luumix 60-LED Selfie Ring Light

The Luumix 60-LED Selfie Ring Light is great for those looking to get that influencer and celebrity soft & diffused halo glow. It comes with three settings: warm, natural, and cool to compliment any skin tone and mood with ambient lighting. It’s the perfect light for those seeking flawless skin for make up and beauty videos, pets, Zoom meetings, TikTok, or just to get the perfect selfie or video. This 3.5 inch ring light has an extra wide clip that will fit any phone, tablet, laptop, and even some desktop monitors. With a full charge, the Luumix ring light can be used for 2.5 hours and can be used while charging.

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