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The Best Glasses to Protect From Screens

Benefits of blue light glasses and the best blue light glasses to protect from screens.

Studies have shown that continued, long-term exposure to blue light emitted from computer screens and mobile devices could lead to long-term retinal cell damage. While blue light is no more damaging than the sun in moderate doses, the sun being the largest source of blue light, you don’t often spend hours on end staring at the direction of the sun. Blue light can increase the risk of eyestrain, headache, and macular degeneration which can lead to permanent vision loss.

Prolonged use of exposure to blue light may also disrupt your circadian sleep cycle rhythm. Constant time spent in front of a screen may miscommunicate the time of day to your brain since your body’s natural response to night and day could feel skewed. Blue light suppresses the body’s melatonin release, a hormone that helps you sleep. When having long nights staring at a computer screen, your eyes and body may feel tired but your brain may not feel ready to sleep until much later.

Protect your eyes with blue light blocking glasses. High exposure to blue light energy wavelengths from computer screens, TVs, tablets, and smart phones have been linked to long-term eye strain and damage. Blue light glasses have built-in filters in the lenses that help block harmful blue light rays from screens. They are available with or with out prescription.

There’s no scientific evidence that blue light coming from screens is damaging to the eyes or that blue light blocking glasses protect against damages caused by blue light as this is a relatively new issue and research is still being conducted. Many studies are in agreement that blue light blocking glasses can help against common affects like eye strain, mood disorders, and improving your sleep cycle.

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The Best Bluelight Glasses to Protect From Screens

Peepers Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses

Peepers Blue Light Blocking Glasses help prevent symptoms of digital eye strain, like headaches and tired eyes, by using their baked-in filter lens formula. Their specialized, technology built lens filter over 40% of high energy visible blue light and UV400. The Peepers brand is from and designed out of California and are are good choice for bold looks and trend-forward styles.

Felix Gray Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

For a more top of the line option, Felix Gray is a well known brand that uses their own proprietary lens filter technology that’s embedded into the lens. Felix Gray’s Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses filter 50% of all blue light and blocks 100% of UV light as well as 99% of glare. The hand-crafted frames are made from Italian and German metals suited best for comfort and fashion.

Livhò Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Made by the Livhò fashion brand from Italian company RTL, the Livhò Blue Light Glasses help alleviate visual fatigue and discomfort from long periods of web surfing, gaming and working under fluorescent lights. These blue light glasses are not only fashionable but help protect your eyes with UV400 protection and glare reduction.

Horus X Blue Light Blocking Glasses

For more extended sessions in front of a screen, Horus X’s Blue Light Blocking Glasses are the preferred glasses for E-sport gamers. They come with UV400 and anti-reflection protection, perfect for long gaming sessions in front of a bright screen with flashing colors. Horus X Blue Light Blocking Glasses come in two types, an amber (adds an extra layer of enhanced color perception) or clear (limited color distortion) model to suit your eye protective needs.

Gunnar Blue Light Glasses

Gunnar Blue Light Glasses are another well known, highly rated brand that offers protections against symptoms from prolonged screen usage including migraines, headaches, dry and red eyes, and disrupted sleep cycle. The amber lens tint helps filter blue light and blocks UV replicating natural light and helping to minimize eye strain. A popular choice by gamers, Gunnar Blue Light Glasses help provide eye relief for long extended gaming sessions or even just when reading something or watching Netflix.

Other Ways To Protect Eyes From Blue Light Damage

The most effective and immediate way to minimize damage from blue light is to limit the time your eyes are staring at a screen. Try to limit screen time usage to 1-2 hour sessions at a time. Keep at least 12 inches between you and your screen. After every 20 minutes give your eyes a break by looking away and focusing on something that’s 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

For extended device usage, make sure to take regular breaks and turn off all devices at least an hour, but best three to four hours, before bedtime. When in darker settings, it’s best to keep your screen dim and enable ‘nighttime mode’ on devices.

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Is Blue Light Eye Damage Reversible?

It is still unclear on the long-term damage of extended blue light exposure as people spending more and more time staring at a screen is a quickly growing but still very new problem. It is known that the damage to the retinal cells from prolonged blue light exposure is irreversible.

Some eye conditions from blue light damage can be reversed like dry, fatigued eyes and a disrupted circadian sleep rhythm, but extensive retinal damage is irreversible and can be one of the leading causes of blindness and age-related macular degeneration.

If you are having issues with your eyes that are causing you pain or affecting your vision, it’s best to speak with your doctor or optometrist.

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