Barley Tea Benefits

Barley tea benefits make it a secret, multi-purpose elixir. Barley tea, most commonly enjoyed in East Asian countries like Korea, China, and Japan, is pretty slept on in the US. Mostly looked over for other popular choices like green tea or black tea, the benefits of barley tea to your health, especially in areas of weight loss and indigestion, are abundant.

Barley is a cereal grain that’s mostly used in bread, beverages, soups, and as a substitute for rice. It has a flavor that’s similar to wheat with a bit of a mildly sweet, nuttiness to it. It really isn’t a strong tea. It has more of a mild taste to it where you can sip on it all day. If you’ve ever been to a Chinese, Korean, or Japanese restaurant, it’s similar to the type of tea that is served on the table. It almost reminds me of a very, watered down, nutty coffee and is an excellent, healthier replacement for a few cups of coffee a day.

The Korean name for barley tea – Boricha, 보리차
The Chinese name for barley tea – Damaicha, 大麦茶
The Japanese name for barley tea – Mugicha, 麦茶

Most teas like green tea, black tea, and white tea are made from herbs and tea leaves. Barley tea uses more of tisane process where an infusion is made from the roasted barley and water. To make barley tea, barley grains are typically roasted and then steeped in hot water for about 5 minutes. You can find barley tea bags at most Asian grocery stores or you can opt to buy barley grains and roast them yourself to create a home brew tea.

How to Make Your Own Barley Tea (8 cups)

korean barley tea

Put 3 tablespoons of barley grains in a preheated skillet over low heat. No oil is necessary. Stir barley for 10-15 minutes until the color turns brown.

Put roasted barley in a strainer into a kettle of 2 liters of boiling water. Boil for 5-10 minutes (longer for a stronger taste) over medium to low heat. Remove barley from kettle. You can add additional flavors with milk, honey, sugar, or fruit and serve it hot or cold.

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Korean Barley Tea Benefits

Rich in Antioxidants

Barley tea contains several antioxidants and compounds like lignans, selenium, phytonutrients, tryptophan, Vitamin A and C which provide many health benefits. Consuming plant lignan grains like barley can help reduce risk of cardiovascular disease and help with controlling blood sugar levels. Barley tea contains anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce inflammation, joint, arthritis, and gout.


Barley tea works as a natural antacid that can help with symptoms of GERD like heartburn and acid reflux. The high fiber content in barley helps with digestion, reducing constipation and improving bowel movements. It’s antacid properties can help balance acidity in the gut reducing many issues related to the disturbance of its natural flora. Barley tea is often used as a natural remedy for stomach cramps as well as nausea.

Weight Loss

Korean barley tea is a great diet tea to help maintain metabolism and lose weight. Due to the high amounts of soluble fiber in barley, it can help reduce hunger and make you feel full longer. The fiber rich grain will also encourage bathroom time to rid excess waste. Barley tea is a healthy and tasty replacement to sugary drinks like coffee, juice, and soda which can pack on hundreds of empty calories.


Since barley tea is caffeine-free, it’s the perfect evening tea to wind down before bedtime. Barley contains high amounts of amino acids, melatonin, and tryptophan- natural components to help induce drowsiness and get better sleep.

Best Korean Barley Teas

DAMTUH Korean Traditional Tea Barley Tea

JEOLLANAMDO Korean Roasted Barley Tea

Sempio YuKiNong Barley Tea

McCabe Organic Barley Tea

Dongsuh Food Rooibos Roasted Barley Tea

barley tea benefits

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