ways ugly men can look better

10 Ways Ugly Men Can Look Better

If you are reading this you may find yourself ugly and are wondering what are ways ugly men can look better. The unfortunate reality is not all people are blessed with being born with good looks, but there are still ways to make yourself attractive. There’s a bit of truth to the popular saying, ‘Nobody is ugly, they are just poor or lazy’.

Even celebrities when not working are barely recognizable. When you see handsome men like Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper in films or on red carpets, that’s the end product of a team of stylists and 4-5 hours of primping. Even the most sought after leading men aren’t just waking up and showing up to events.

Candid shots of actor Brad Pitt
Actor Ben Affleck after a night out

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Top 10 Ways Ugly Men Can Look Better

1. Nice Hair Cut

Ways Ugly Men Can Look Better

One of the quickest, most noticeable ways to change your whole look is to change your hairstyle. Your hair cut should be one that’s flattering to your face shape and can dramatically change your appearance. Figuring out your face shape is easy which you can then research what are the recommend hairstyles for your face shape. Find a celebrity with a similar face shape and see what hairstyles work for them. You may not be one to fuss over your hair every morning but maintaining a modern cut will make you more attractive and stylish.

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2. Good Hygiene

It may seem obvious that good hygiene plays a big role in being attractive but it can still be the most basic things that are looked over. Showering daily and ensuring your nails are cut and clean, behind the ears are scrubbed, and being cleanly shaved are essentials.

Even if you wear facial hair, keep it tidy and well groomed. Having good hygiene includes living quarters as well. Having a clean kitchen, floors, bed sheets, and bathroom shows you’re a proper adult and don’t live in filthy conditions.

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3. Nice Teeth and Breath

Staying on the topic of hygiene, having a nice set of teeth can play a dramatic role in making you more attractive. Crooked or yellow teeth can make you look older and are distracting. Unresolved dental issues is the prime cause of bad breath.

A straight white smile will not only make you more handsome but will give you the confidence to smile more. There are many part-time wear straightening solutions that don’t require you to get braces. Practicing regular oral hygiene habits like daily brushing, flossing, and oil pulling is essential. Be sure to clean your tongue daily as that can also be a major culprit to bad breath.

4. Dress Nice

You don’t need to be a fashionista to have a decent wardrobe. Clothing is definitely one of the first things you notice about a person and it can say a lot about someone’s personality. Generally you need clothes for work, athletic/lounge wear, and clothes for night time outings. Simplicity is key. Solid colors or subtle patterns should replace graphic tees and hoodies.

Clothes should be form fitting, accentuating your natural physique. Clean shoes that are appropriate for every occasion is also important. Shoe powders and cooling insole can help with excessive sweating or odor. A great tip is to look up men’s street fashion for the season or year, pick out a few outfits you like, and try to shop for more affordable, similar items.

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5. Skincare

Having a skincare routine is very important in being more attractive. Soap and water just can’t cut it. A clearer, brighter face gives off a more youthful and healthier appearance. You may not know the first thing about skincare but the basics are to thoroughly cleanse and moisturize.

You should also exfoliate a few times a month to scrub away any dull, dead skin. If your skin is oily it is due to it being dry which creates excessive oil and sebum to compensate. A high quality moisturizer can help with oiliness and the overall texture of your skin.

If your skin is dry it will also benefit from regular use of moisturizer. Not all skin is created equal so it’s important to have an understanding of your skin type and what products work best with it to look your best.

6. Makeup


Makeup on men is becoming more of an acceptable and popular trend. Covering up blemishes with foundation, filling in eyebrows, or accentuating eyes with eyeliner are common ways men use makeup. The trick to wearing makeup is less is more. Almost all of the leading men in movies and models in magazine are wearing make up in a natural, flattering way.

Facial skin should look clean and moisturized. Lips should always be moisturized, soft– ready for any occasion. And eye makeup can help eyes appear bigger, a different shape, or just give you a bad boy, punk rock aesthetic.

One awesome thing is the majority of these influencers and content creators create content about makeup so there are unlimited tutorials and reviews to learn how to apply makeup and what products to use.

7. Work Out

Ways Ugly Men Can Look Better

You don’t need to be a body builder for people to take notice of your physique. A healthy, balanced diet and regular physical activity should be just enough to be considered ‘in-shape’. A regular work out routine a minimum of 2-3 a week, consisting of cardio and weight lifting will help you lose weight and gain definition.

A lean, active physique will keep you looking younger and healthier as well as clear up other issues with skincare and anxiety. Intermittent fasting can help you lose weight and detox your body. Maintaining a correct BMI and hitting the gym a few times a week can give you an easy edge over those who put no effort.

8. Wear Contact Lenses

Ways Ugly Men Can Look Better

It may be more of a personal comfort decision to wear glasses but wearing contact lens can help make you appear more attractive. While glasses tend to have the stereotype for being nerdy, it can give off a more reserved, sophisticated vibe, which is great if that is you. Glasses can also create a bit of a barrier when it comes to eye contact.

Contacts can help your eyes shine and help create an easier visual connection. They can also make you appear younger, stronger, and more active, all though glasses at times can definitely be attractive as well.

9. Smile and Laugh More

It may seem like an obvious tip to smile more but people tend to become distracted with life and may go their whole day with out cracking a smile. You may feel fine, even ecstatic inside, but your outward appearance may not reflect it. You don’t need to walk around constantly being aware of your face, but try to make it more of a habit to smile more through out the day or at least keep your default face from being emotionless or uninterested.

A face that appears to be in a foul mood or bored with its surroundings is definitely not someone people want to approach. Having a warm smile and laughing freely will make you appear to be someone who’s in a good mood which will naturally draw in others to you.

10. Be Confident

Needless to say, being confident is one of the key factors to being attractive. Sometimes looks don’t even matter as the confidence and the way a man carries himself can give him all the charm he needs.
You should always walk and sit with straight posture, staring ahead, not down. Be more aware of how you present yourself.

The way people speak is a good indicator of their confidence level. It’s best to speak with conviction but don’t be domineering. Many times saying less can be more. Always have a few good conversational pieces ready whether it’s about your day, a show you’ve been watching, or an interesting article you read. Be honest with who you are and what you want. Being happier with who you are will boost your confidence and ultimately make you more attractive.

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