The Best DIY Lip Scrub

Can you make a homemade DIY lip scrub? You absolutely can and a DIY lip scrub may be the easiest, cheapest beauty product one can concoct at home. If you suffer from dry, cracked lips that have a dull appearance, a lip scrub is like an instant rejuvenation facial, but only for the lips.

The skin lips are made up of is very thin and more delicate than other areas on the body. This can cause lips to dry out quicker. While dry skin on other areas of the body like an arm won’t immediately cause flakes and cracks, when lips get too dry it’s almost immediately evident to others as well as the owner of the dry lips which can be irritable and cause a lot of pain.

DIY lip scrub

A DIY lip scrub acts as an exfoliation treatment that helps stimulate the cells, scraping away old, dead cells, allowing new ones to regenerate. This will help retain moisture longer and give you healthier, soft lips.

Keep in mind it is possible to over-exfoliate. Don’t use a lip scrub more than twice a week. Over-exfoliation can actually dry out the lips causing cracks and increased sensitivity which may lead to pain and irritation.

Benefits of a Lip Scrub

The major benefit of a lip scrub is its exfoliation capabilities. A lip scrub will help remove dead skill cells and flakes from lips. It also helps combat dry lips and will moisturize and repair any cuts or cracks. After you use a lip scrub your lips are left feeling hydrated and baby soft.

The stimulation will also help increase blood flow to the lips making them have a brighter pigments and may even give a short-term plumping effect. One of the best parts of a lip scrub is it can be made with natural, clean ingredients and won’t cost you much since you most likely already have the ingredients you need at home.

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How To Make a DIY Lip Scrub

To make a homemade, DIY lip scrub all you need is a spreadable base oil or butter and an exfoliant for scrubbing like sugar or sea salt.

Popular bases include cooking oils like olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil. Honey is also great if you’re looking for a sweet taste to go along with your lip scrub. Petroleum jelly, Vaseline, Shea and butter are also commonly used household items.

Mix one teaspoon of your base oil with two teaspoons of sugar. Add more or less sugar depending on if you want more of a moisturizing mixture (less sugar) or more of an exfoliating mixture (more sugar).

You can use white sugar or brown sugar all though brown sugar tends to be softer with smaller, rounder crystals, which are more gentle and less abrasive. If you are looking for extra exfoliation and a courser, detoxifying lip scrub, you may get the best effects with sea salt as the salt granules tend to be bigger and more coarse as well as salt being a natural antiseptic.


Gently rub a generous amount of the lip scrub onto your lips covering all areas. You should add a slight bit of pressure while rubbing the mixture in but not too much as the lips are very sensitive. Let it sit on the lips for 1-2 minutes and then remove by rinsing with warm water. It should be okay if a little bit of your DIY lip scrub is ingested as you’re most likely using natural products or not enough of synthetic products to be harmful.

Another popular application method is to rub your DIY lip scrub in with a toothbrush or towel for deeper exfoliation. Continue to wear your normal lip balms as well as drink a lot of water for healthier, hydrated lips.

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