Septum Piercings – Should You Get Yours Pierced?

So you’re thinking about getting a septum piercing. Congratulations! Septum piercings have been growing in popularity when it comes to body modifications. Ever since celebrities like Rihanna, Florence Pugh, and Zendaya have made septum piercings mainstream, they’re a trend that can give you an edgier, sexier look. 

If you’re thinking about getting a septum piercing, you probably have a lot of questions. How much does septum piercing cost? How long does it take to heal? Will it hurt? Let’s take a dive in to learn everything you need to know before you get your septum piercing.

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How Much Does a Septum Piercing Cost?

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One of the most common questions we get about septum piercings is how much they cost. The short answer is that it depends on a few factors. Septum piercing prices can range from $40 to $100, depending on the region where you live and the studio you choose. 

The average price for a septum piercing in the United States is around $50-60 (jewelry included), but prices may be higher or lower depending on your location. For example, a septum piercing in Los Angeles will likely cost more than one in Kansas City.

How Long Does It Take For a Septum Piercing To Heal?

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Another frequently asked question we get about septum piercings is how long they take to heal. You can expect the pain to fully go away within 1-3 weeks, although some tenderness may linger.  You can change your septum piercing jewelry 4-6 weeks after getting it pierced, but it will still take 6-8 months for the piercing to completely heal. 

Once it’s fully healed, you should be able to leave the piercing out for long periods of time without it closing. Leaving the jewelry out of your septum piercing for extended periods before it’s fully healed can risk the hole closing. Your septum piercing can close within a few hours to a week if the jewelry is taken out before fully healed.

Septum Piercing Aftercare

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After getting your septum pierced, it’s advised to avoid touching the nose as much as possible.  You will need to clean the piercing three times a day. You can use a saline solution or a sea salt and water mixture. Pour the solution into a small cup or bowl. Stick your nose into the solution and let it soak for 5-10 minutes each time (breathing through your mouth). 

Use a Q-tip wipe away any crust or blood around the piercing site. Don’t spin or move the jewelry while cleaning it. It may feel tight or stuck, but just leave it be. It will come loose as the piercing heals. Keep up the cleaning routine for at least one month. 

Does A Septum Piercing Hurt?

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If you’ve gotten this far, you’re probably set on getting your septum pierced. There’s one last question to know, and it’s a big one.  Does getting a septum piercing hurt? The answer to this is yes. There is no use in sugar coating it.  A long, but thin needle will be used to pierce through the thin wall that is made up of cartilage in your septum. 

Septum piercings do not typically hurt as much as other types of body piercings, such as nipple or navel piercings, but do to the location of your piercing (right smack, in front of your face) and the thickness of your cartilage, it will be a painful. However, most people who have gotten their septum pierced say the piercing and jewelry insertion are the worst past, which then quickly reduces down to just a dull stinging, so long as you don’t bump your nose!

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Risks Of Getting Septum Pierced

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Like any piercing or body modification, there are some possible risks that can occur from a septum piercing, although the risks are typically low. Infection is one of the highest risks. Any opening in your body is at higher risk of being infected by bacteria. You must be committed to keeping the piercing area clean at all times.

Septum piercing risks also include scarring or tearing. Granulation tissues can form and create a small bump near the piercing site. These are typically harmless and fortunately hidden on the inner side of the nose. 

Allergic reactions to the metals in the piercing needle or jewelry is also a risk that should be considered. Make sure you go to a reputable piercer who will know what jewelry will work best for you and operates out of a sterile environment. If you’re allergic to nickel or other metals or have allergies in general, it may be best not to pierce your nose.

Fake Septum Piercings

If you’ve read all of the above and have decided a septum piercing is not for you, you can always opt for a more temporary solution and wear a fake septum piercing. Fake septum rings are similar to clip-on earrings where the jewelry looks like a piercing but no holes are needed. Fake septum rings are hard to tell the difference between the real thing since the jewelry ends of the ‘piercing’ are hidden in your nose. 

Fake septum piercing jewelry will allow you to rock a nose septum ring whenever you want without going through the pain and healing process. They’re a great way to test if you want to fully commit to the piercing or not and there are so many cute, and diverse fake septum piercing jewelry styles.

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Conclusion: Should You Get A Septum Piercing?

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Now that you can factor in the important things to know about getting a septum piercing like its cost, healing time, and how much it’ll hurt– it’s up to you to decide if getting your septum pierced is right for you. Septum piercings were mostly associated with men and tribes in the past, but have definitely taken on a modern, feminine, boho-chic trend. 

Worst case scenario– you don’t like it or have complications. If either situation arises, you can easily take out a septum piercing and have it heal back in no time. Septum piercings are a growing trend worth exploring and can totally add a whole new level of style and personality to your look.

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