Middle Hair Parting: A How-To Guide

According to TikTok middle hair parting is the only way to go and a side part is for old people. As ridiculous as that sounds, apparently to Gen-Z influencers, anything other than a middle part is a dated look, the look of the 2000’s. Like many, I started with a middle part in my hair and remember when I made the bold step to transform myself to having a side part. It was more edgy and a way to differentiate myself from the middle parted, good girls.

So having to revert back to a middle part felt a bit unnatural and left my hair looking a bit flat and lackluster. I had to relearn how to part and style my hair. Somehow it made my face look bigger. When it comes to finding the perfect parting for your hair, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The best place to start is by figuring out which type of parting works best with your specific hair type and face shape.

Once you’ve figured out your face shape and a few hairstyles or general looks you’d like to emulate, it’s time to experiment with different products and techniques until you find what type of middle parting would be the most flattering for your face. There are many tricks and different hair styles you can do to improve your looks, like making a chubby face look slimmer or accentuating a strong jaw-line.

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Finding The Right Middle Parting For Your Face Shape

Middle Hair Parting

Oval Face Shape

If you have an oval face shape, then you’re in luck! This face shape can pretty much pull off any type of middle parting. Longer locks with a middle part will have a slimming effect to your face and shorter cuts will give your cheeks a rounder appearance. Just keep in mind that if your hair is on the finer side, a middle parting can make your face look longer than it actually is. In this case, it’s best to try to add more volume with a blow dry or go for a slightly off-center parting instead.

middle part hair
Oval face with middle parted hair

Square Face Shape

A square face shape is characterized by a strong jawline and a widow’s peak. If this sounds like you, then you’ll want to avoid any type of middle parting that falls directly on your natural hairline. Instead, opt for a side parting or an asymmetrical middle hair parting that offsets your face’s symmetrical proportions. If you’re dead set on a middle part while having a square face, make sure your hair is voluminous and lifted off its roots at the crown.

Square face middle part

Heart/Triangle Face Shape

A middle part can work very well with a heart shaped, triangular face, especially if you’re looking for a slimming effect. A heart face usually has wider, more pronounced cheek bones with can sometimes make the face seem chubbier than it is. A middle part where the front slightly covers the cheek bones can help the face look less angular and more petite.

Heart face middle part

Long Face Shape

If your face is narrow with a pointy chin, then a middle parting can help to create the illusion of width and balance out your proportions. Just be careful not to extend the parting too far back on your head; otherwise, you risk making your face look even longer than it already is! Longer faces should wear shorter to slightly past shoulder length hairstyles if they opt for a middle part.

Long face middle part

Round Face Shape

A round face shape is characterized by full cheeks and a softer jaw line. Round faces work well with a middle part or even slightly off to the side part. If you have a round face, the widest areas on your face is the middle. A middle hair part with a more flatter crown can help give the appearance of a slimmer face and make it appear more angular.

Round face middle part

How To Middle Part Your Hair

Once you’ve figured out which type of middle parting is right for your face shape, it’s time to learn how to do it! The good news is that creating a middle part is relatively simple; all you need is a comb and some patience. Here’s how to do it:

1) Start by combing all of your damp hair over to one side so that it’s out of the way.

2) Next, take a fine-toothed comb and use it to draw a line down the center of your head from front to back. Be as precise as possible—you don’t want any stray hairs ruining your perfect middle part!

3) Once you’ve got a nice, clean line down the center of your head, comb all of your hair over to one side so that it covers the part line completely.

4) Give your hair a nice blow out on the crown so it has a bit of volume. Middle parting can be a bit heavy and weigh down your hair so you don’t want to look too on flat.

5) Finally, use hairspray or gel to keep everything in place. Tuck away any fly away baby hairs so you have a nice, clean hair line surrounding the face.

Middle Part Hair for Men

middle part hair

Middle part hair for men can be seen now more than ever, especially the curtain hair cut. It instantly gives you a trendy, influencer, skater boy from next door look and requires little prep time.
Middle parting hair for men works best on medium to smaller, angular face shapes. If you have a large, rounder face a middle part may only make it look bigger. A more slimming style may suit you better if your face if chubbier.

The hair should drape your face like a curtain and fall just about or slightly below your eyes. The trick is to keep a bit of volume in the hair so it doesn’t look flat or too over-styled. Run a blow dryer with a rounded brush through damp hair and make sure the back of the hair is also styled and not just laying flat. Add a bit of gel or spray to keep flyaway hairs in place but not too much where it is slicked down.

A middle part in guys is more of a youthful, casual look as it gives off a bit of a boy band, surfer boy vibe. If you’re often in professional settings you may opt for a more mature, professional style to keep up with appearances. If you have shorter hair or a fade, a side part may be more flattering. A side part will also help make your face appear more angular as well as give you more of a modern, trendy look with out requiring much styling.

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