5 Things They Don’t Tell You About Getting Locs

Have you always wanted to loc your hair but are a bit on the fence? Well, before you go through the months to years long process of transformation, there are a few things they don’t mention when it comes to getting those fabulous locs. As someone who’s currently going through the process, I want to spill the tea on what to expect and how my hair texture has been adapting.

1. Thick Hair Takes Time to Lock Up

If you have thick and softer hair like mine, don’t expect your locs to mature overnight. I made the mistake of assuming that my thick hair would lock up quickly. Oh, how wrong I was! Different locs in your hair may bud at different rates, making it look slightly uneven throughout your head. You can apply twisting creams and retwist more frequently to make any unevenness less detectable. Other than that, it’s just staying on top of maintaining your locs and a little bit of patience before your locs get to their final form.

2. Shrinkage is Real!

One of the first things that surprised me after getting my locs installed was the shrinkage. It may be subtle for most but more noticeable on others. Just know not only will your hair shrink during the process but it will also continue to do so even after you’ve had your first few washes. It is nothing to be alarmed over, but just be aware that your hair may seem to get shorter and thinner before you start to see any growth. Also, as your locs get longer they may also lose density and become thinner and easier to break, so it’s important to keep your hair well moisturized.

3. Keep It Simple with Product Usage

When you’re first starting your loc journey, you may be tempted to try every loccing product on the market. While many shampoos, creams, and oils can be helpful, personally, I keep my product usage to a minimum, and it has paid off. By avoiding product buildup at the roots, the less aggressively you’ll need to wash your hair. My hair remains clean, happy and healthy, unlike the product buildup that used to plague me during my braided days! Water, shampoo, conditioner, and hydrating oils and creams for dreadlocks is all you need.

4. Parting Matters for Perfect Locs

When starting your loc journey, think about the type of parting you want for your everyday look. Whether you prefer defined parts or a more organic, free-flowing look, choose wisely because you will be stuck with it for a long time. I opted for diamond-shaped parts, and they work wonders for the styles I love. Keep in mind that the parting and the thickness of the part matters because it is dependent on how your locs will turn out and what styles you can wear.

5. Sweat-Proofing Your Locs is Essential

Exercise can be a bit tricky when it comes to maintaining the neatness of your locs. After retwisting my hair it stays on point for about 2-3 weeks before the roots start to unravel. The more I work out and sweat though, the quicker my locs frizz up and unravel. To combat this, I like to braid my locs and rock a silk or satin head wrap during workouts. You can also wear a sweatband on your hairline to make sure your locs stay dry.

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things they don't tell you about getting locs

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Final Thoughts


Overall, my loc journey has been a transformational experience. I adore the ease of styling and the freedom it brings. Plus, my wallet is grateful for the reduced need for hair products. With retwists every one to two months, I’m saving loads of money! I feel like a young Lisa Bonet, and the compliments I receive are a confidence boost on blah days.

It’s also important to not stress out over making sure your locs are always near and perfect. When your locs become frizzy and start to unravel it also means your hair is growing, so that’s something to be excited for! Remember, getting locs is a journey and your locs will continue transforming until they reach their desired form. So be patient and develop an easy maintenance routine to make sure your locs stay fresh and on point longer.

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