wear a bonnet to bed

Why You Should Wear a Bonnet to Bed

The benefits to your hair if you wear a bonnet to bed can change your morning routine.

You’ve probably seen it in movies or on TV shows, or maybe even on a woman at a local grocery store. A woman getting ready for bed, her hair neatly tied in a bun or braided and tucked under a bonnet. But why wear a bonnet to bed? Is it just for show, or are there actual benefits to doing so? 

wear a bonnet to bed

Let’s take a closer look at the history and modern-day use of bonnets and why wearing a bonnet to bed can change your whole getting ready routine.

What are Bonnets?

wear a bonnet to bed

A bonnet is a protective hair cap that have been worn by women for centuries– both as a practical way to keep hair out of the face and as a fashion statement. Bonnets are typically made from a variety of materials, including linen, silk, and velvet. They could be plain or adorned with ribbons, lace, or flowers, and come in different sizes for short or longer hair.

wear a bonnet to bed

Bonnets have been popularized by and are most commonly worn by Black women and women with coarser hair as a way to protect hair while sleeping and maintaining elaborate hairstyles. In fact, there are several benefits to wearing a bonnet to bed.

Protect Hair from Damage Caused by Friction

When your hair rubs against something (like a pillowcase), it can become damaged and frizzy. Wearing a bonnet helps to prevent this type of damage by providing a barrier between your hair and whatever it might come into contact with while you sleep.

Keep Hairstyle Intact

Have you ever gone to bed with your hair looking perfect only to wake up with it looking like a mess? If you’ve ever had this happen to you, then you know how frustrating it can be. Whether a fancy updo, curls, or a simple blow out, wearing a bonnet while you sleep can help preserve your hairstyle longer. Sleeping with your hair wrapped up in a satin or silk bonnet will keep your hair from going flat and prevent frizz.

Hydrate Dry Hair

A bonnet can also help keep your hair hydrated. If you have applied leave-in conditioner or oil to your hair before bed, a bonnet can help lock in the moisture so that your hair stays hydrated overnight. This is especially important in the winter when the air is dry and can cause your hair to become brittle and break.

Hold Wig or Extensions in Place

If you wear a wig or extensions, then you know how important it is to keep them clean and well-maintained. Wearing a bonnet at night helps protect your wig or extensions from dirt and dust so that they’ll last longer and look better for longer periods of time. A bonnet also helps keep them from tangling or coming loose while you sleep, keeping your hairstyle looking new and fresh longer.

Cleaner Pillows

You can also wear a bonnet to bed to help protect your pillow from getting oily and dirty. Oil and product build-up on your pillowcase can cause acne, so it’s important to keep your pillowcase clean. A bonnet will create a barrier between your hair and your pillowcase, keeping your hair out of your face and the pillow clean. If you’re someone that wakes up with a very oily face, a clean pillow and a bonnet can make a world of difference.

Avoid Odors

If you are a smoker or have a habit of cooking very fragrant foods, you know how the smell can linger for days. And while that French onion soup smells and tastes delicious, smelling it on your hair doesn’t quite have the same effect. The smell of cigarettes or pot can also stick to your hair making it obvious that you’ve just smoked. Wearing a bonnet while you’re at home, even while not sleeping, can help bad odors from lingering on your hair.

Longer Between Washes

If you wear a bonnet to bed it’ll help you go longer between washes. Typically, your hair gets greasier overnight since your body produces more sebum (oily substance meant to protect skin and hair) at night. Having your hair wrapped up in a bonnet can slow down the amount of oil and dirt absorbed in your hair while sleeping, requiring less frequent washes. It’ll also prevent any dirt and oil on your pillowcase from transferring onto your hair.

Can You Wear A Bonnet In Public?

There’s been a large debate on social media if you should only wear a bonnet to bed or while at home, or if it’s alright to wear a bonnet out in public. Say your hair is styled since you have plans for the evening and you need to run a few quick errands throughout the day. Is it okay to just throw on your lounge wear, a bonnet, and to take a quick trip to Target? 

There doesn’t seem to be a consensus as many women find it acceptable or simply do not care what others think about wearing a bonnet in public. On the other hand, critics like popular comedian Monique have been outspoken about wearing a bonnet in public being lazy and should be kept at home.

Technically, there is no law that states you cannot wear a bonnet in business premises. There have been some outrageous headlines of store owners banning women wearing bonnets from their businesses, but for the most part, you are free to wear your bonnet wherever you please (as long as you don’t mind a few funny looks).

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Wrap Up

hair bonnet benefits

So if you’re still wondering if you should wear a bonnet to bed– the answer is yes! If not every night, at least the nights when you’re trying to make a hairstyle last. If you’re like many who prefer to wash their hair in the evenings, wearing a silk or satin hair bonnet while you sleep will keep your hair looking and smelling fresh. 

The extra time you save when getting ready will be worth it. Just a bit of touch up and go. Every woman should have a hair bonnet in their beauty arsenal. Your hair and mornings will thank you!

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