neem oil for hair

Neem Oil For Hair: Ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic Beauty Secret

Using neem oil for hair can help you get the silky, luscious locks you’ve always dreamed of. 

While a well-kept beauty secret, neem oil isn’t anything new. In fact, it has been used for centuries in ancient Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for its numerous health benefits, especially its use in hair care. And while I typically don’t like to make generalizations– one feature Indian and Chinese women are typically known for is their long, healthy, and shiny hair.

neem oil for hair

The oil comes from the seeds of the neem tree and is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, making it a powerful ingredient in hair care products. In recent years, neem oil has become increasingly popular as a natural remedy for a variety of hair concerns. 

From promoting hair growth to improving overall hair health, see why you really need a bottle of neem oil in your bathroom.

Is Neem Oil Good for Hair?

neem oil for hair

Yes, neem oil is VERY good for hair. Its numerous health benefits make it an effective ingredient in hair care products to help maintain thick, beautiful hair. Neem oil is particularly useful for those with dry, damaged, or dandruff-prone hair.

The fatty acid components in neem oil (oleic, palmitic, stearic, linoleic, and arachidic acid) help promote hair growth, thickness, and adds shine– similar to the benefits of fish oil minus the fishy after-burps!

Neem Oil Benefits for Hair

neem oil for hair

Neem oil has many beauty and health benefits for hair, thanks to its high concentration of fatty acids and antioxidants. These are just a few ways neem oil can help promote healthy hair:

Treats Dandruff

Neem oil is a popular natural remedy for dandruff due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Applying neem oil to your scalp or adding some to your shampoo or conditioner can help alleviate the symptoms of dandruff and prevent it from coming back.

Promotes Hair Growth

Neem oil stimulates blood flow to the scalp, which promotes hair growth. Additionally, neem oil has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and antibacterial properties as well as vitamin E and other fatty acids that can help improve scalp health. By keeping the scalp clean and healthy, it can create a favorable environment for hair growth.

Moisturizes and Conditions Hair

Neem oil is a natural moisturizer that can help improve the texture and appearance of your hair. Its high concentration of fatty acids and antioxidants also helps nourish the scalp and make hair softer, shinier, and more manageable. Neem oil is a great solution for people who suffer from dry, brittle hair.

Prevents Hair Thinning

The high anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds in neem oil can help prevent early hair thinning. Inflammation and irritation to the scalp can damage hair follicles, leading to hair thinning. By reducing inflammation in the scalp, neem oil can help prevent hair thinning.

Neem Oil Side Effects For Hair

neem oil for hair

While neem oil is natural and generally safe to use, it can cause scalp and skin irritation and allergic reactions in some people. There are rare cases of neem oil poisoning after accidental ingestion and a reaction from medication. Neem oil is not toxic to eat in small amounts for the average adult but extended consumption or large amounts can have serious consequences to the kidneys and liver or be fatal.

There are really no recorded cases of neem oil damaging hair so long as it’s properly diluted. Neem oil should always be diluted before use, as it can be too strong in its pure form. It’s important to do a patch test before using neem oil on your hair or skin.

How to Dilute Neem Oil for Hair

neem oil for hair

Neem oil should always be diluted before using it on your hair or skin. This is because neem oil is quite potent and can cause skin irritation if used in its pure form.

To dilute neem oil for hair, mix a few drops of neem oil with a carrier oil, such as coconut, tea tree, grapeseed, or jojoba oil. The ratio of neem oil to carrier oil should be about 1:10. This means that for every 1 drop of neem oil, you should use 10 drops of carrier oil.

How to Use Neem Oil for Hair

neem oil for hair

To use neem oil for hair, mix a few drops of neem oil with a carrier oil, such as coconut or jojoba oil. Massage the mixture into your scalp and rub it into the length of your hair.

Tie your hair up and leave it on for at least 30 minutes to an hour before washing your hair. You can also add a few drops of neem oil to your shampoo or conditioner for added benefits.

There is no harm in leaving neem oil in your hair for longer than an hour or overnight. Drier hair may even reap more benefits from extended uses. Just avoid leaving neem oil in your hair overnight if you have a sensitive scalp or skin as it can cause irritation or break outs.

Make sure you wrap your hair carefully when you sleep or wear a bonnet so the oil doesn’t transfer from your pillow to your face.

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How to Make Neem Oil at Home

neem oil for hair

While it’s not possible to make neem oil at home, you can make a neem oil hair mask using neem powder. Neem powder is made from dried neem leaves and can be found at health food stores or online. Here’s how to make a neem oil hair mask for hair growth:


  • 2 tablespoons of neem powder
  • 2 tablespoons of coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • 1 egg


  1. In a bowl, mix together the neem powder and coconut oil until well combined.
  2. Add in the honey and egg and mix until you have a smooth paste.
  3. Apply the mixture to your hair and scalp, massaging it in gently.
  4. Leave the mask on for 30-45 minutes before washing it off with shampoo and conditioner.

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