Eyeliner For Men – Is It Okay?

Eyeliner for men? Is it okay for guys to wear eyeliner? Absolutely! In fact, it’s becoming more common today especially with celebrities and social media influencers jumping on the trend. Now a days it almost seems like just being handsome or cute isn’t enough. More and more men are using beauty products to enhance their looks and express their own unique personalities.

If you went through an emo or scene phase, eyeliner, also known as ‘guyliner’, is nothing new to you. Eyeliner on guys doesn’t have to be that dramatic or intense. It’s actually the opposite. Having a more subtle look that enhances your natural eye color and shape is the goal. It can make smaller eyes appear bigger or give big, round eyes a sexier, defined shape.

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Many straight men feel worried that wearing eyeliner or other makeup products might give off the impression that they’re gay. Let’s keep it real, the older generation and conservative folk may think so but millennials and gen-z are already familiar and are participating. It is becoming less taboo for men of all sexual orientations, whether gay, straight, or somewhere in between, to wear makeup. Men are becoming more conscious of fashion and beauty and quite frankly, eyeliner on men is sexy.

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As most trends, celebrities are the ones to thank when once risque trends become apart of the mainstream.

eyeliner for men
Timothée Chalamet is no stranger to wearing eyeliner for men.
Style icon Pharrell Williams is known to enhance a smokey eye look.
Kpoppers like BTS’s JiMin always unapologetically dawns eyeliner.

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Types of Eyeliner for Men

In general, there are four types of eyeliners: gel, pencil, liquid, and felt-tip.

Pencil Eyeliner

eyeliner for men

Pencil eyeliner is best for lighter, natural looks. It’s a great choice for beginners or those with shaky hands. If you make mistakes you can easily wipe it off with out having to wash your eye and start over. It does tend to smudge the easiest especially when wet or in humid environments, which may be the look you’re going for but can get a bit messy with longer wear.

Felt Tip Eyeliner

eyeliner for men

Felt tip eyeliner is similar to pencil but has a bit more of a wet texture and uses a felt tip. The pen design makes it easy-to-control making felt tip eyeliners ideal for beginners. The felt application tip usually comes in a tapered shape which can help create precise lines for a cleaner look. Felt tip eyeliners have a darker application than pencil and are more long lasting all though they will also easily smudge when wet or sweating.

Gel Eyeliner

eyeliner for men

Gel eyeliner will give you a bolder look than a pencil or felt tip eyeliner with about the same level of ease of application. You can create crisper lines to help change the shape of your eyes and it’s usually applied with a thin brush. Gel eyeliners are more forgiving than liquid eyeliners with it being easier to fix and remove with out having to use water or eye makeup remover. With a creamier texture, you can also easily do a blending effect for a smudgier look or even use it as eye shadow.

Liquid Eyeliner

eyeliner for men

Liquid eyeliner is more wet and paint-like and is perfect for exact, precise lines. It will give you a bolder, defined look as the liquid liner tends to apply very dark and will make your eyes appear bigger. Since it is wet before application, once it dries it’s hard to remove which is great for long lasting looks but can be a bit more difficult to apply. Liquid eyeliner is also helpful if you’re wanting to draw fine lines or other creative shapes and looks. Most liquid eyeliners are also waterproof and hold up well through out the whole day.

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The Best Eyeliner For Men

Mac Eye Kohl Eyeliner-Smolder

-Soft pencil that lines, defines, and shades.
-Rich color with a silky smooth, matte finish.
-Easy to use and safe for waterline and contact lens.

Physicians Formula Eye Definer Felt Tip Eye Marker Ultra Black

-Easy to use felt tip marker.
-Dark, Bold definition.
-Hypoallergenic. Dermatologist Tested.

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner

-Easy to apply to create thick or fine defined lines.
-Bold, intense color for a darker, dramatic look.
-Long lasting and smudge proof.

Maybelline New York Makeup Eyestudio Gel Eye Liner

-Intense color from highly concentrated pigments.
-Easy to control brush applicator to create thin or thick lines and shadowy looks.
-Long lasting and smudge/water proof.

Tips For Applying Eyeliner For Men

how to wear eyeliner for men

Choose the Right Eyeliner: Opt for a neutral or matte eyeliner color that complements your skin tone. Brown or gray shades are often more subtle and suitable for a natural appearance.

Groom Your Eyebrows: Well-groomed eyebrows can frame your eyes and enhance the overall look. Trim and shape your brows to maintain a clean appearance.

Start with a Clean Face: Begin with a clean, moisturized face. This helps the eyeliner glide smoothly and ensures a longer-lasting application.

Use a Pencil or Gel Liner If You’re a Beginner: Pencil or gel eyeliners are great choices for a beginner. They offer more control during application and can be blended for a softer finish and natural look.

Less is More: For a subtle effect, begin with a thin line and gradually thicken it if desired. You can gradually build up the intensity if desired. It’s easier to add more eyeliner than take it off and start over again.

Focus on the Upper Lash Line: Concentrate on the upper lash line for a natural look. Applying eyeliner to the lower lash line can create a more dramatic appearance, so consider skipping this step or using a lighter hand.

Stretch The Area: Use your non-dominant hand to gently pull your eyelid taut, creating a smooth canvas for application. This can help prevent wobbly lines.

Steady Your Hand: A shaky hand will give crooked results. Keep your hand stead and move slowly, creating short small strokes until the whole line is filled.

Blend for a Softer Look: If the line appears too harsh, use a clean, small makeup brush or a cotton swab to gently smudge and soften the line.

Set with Translucent Powder: To prevent smudging, especially if you have oily skin, lightly dust translucent powder over the eyeliner. This can help set it in place without altering the color.

Remove Excess Product: If you accidentally apply too much eyeliner or make a mistake, use a clean brush or cotton swab dipped in makeup remover to neatly remove the excess.

How to Gently Remove Eyeliner

eyeliner for men

The best way to remove eyeliner is with with a makeup remover. These usually come in liquid, oil, or wipe forms. While soap, water, and a good scrub down will also do the trick, it can be irritating and harm to the eyes as well as the skin around your eyes.

Your eyelids and the area under your eyes are the most sensitive part of your face. Excessive scrubbing with harsh soaps will cause a drying effect and make you more prone to wrinkles.

It’s best to choose a makeup remover that doesn’t contain too much alcohol and one that has a moisturizing effect. A makeup remover will allow you to gently wipe off the eyeliner without harsh rubbing while cleansing and nourishing your skin.

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