inverted triangle body shape

How To Dress For An Inverted Triangle Body Shape

The hourglass figure– curvy women– all features that are coveted in magazines and on social media, as well as features you physically don’t have. If you’ve been told you have an inverted triangle body shape, you may be a little confused on what exactly that is and what is the best way to dress for your shape.

I must say, out of all of the body shapes, hourglass, pear, spoon, etc, the inverted triangle sounds the least attractive. It sounds like some kind of math terminology– nothing sexy or feminine about it. Having broad, wide shoulders can make you feel big and masculine, and the nonexistent hips and butt aren’t doing you any favors.

While you may never have an ultra “feminine”, curvaceous Beyonce or Kim K body type, there are still ways to look attractive and sexy. You just need to learn how to dress for an inverted body shape.  A few fashion tricks and illusions can proportion your body and draw eyes to your best features.

What is an Inverted Triangle Body Shape

inverted triangle body shape

Just as it sounds, the inverted triangle body shape is identified by broad shoulders that are wider than the hips, and a narrower waist and hips, creating an upside-down triangle shape. 

The hips and waistline in an inverted body shape are narrower than the shoulders, contributing to the distinctive triangular form. The butt and hips tend to be on the slimmer side along with long, tall legs.

How To Dress Inverted Triangle Body Shape

inverted triangle body shape

Embrace the V-Neck

The inverted triangle body shape benefits greatly from V-neck tops and dresses. V-necks draw attention towards the center and elongate the neck, creating a more balanced look. Don’t shy away from being bold and go for deep V-necklines to accentuate your assets while maintaining a flattering silhouette.

Highlight the Waist

Enhance your defined waist by choosing outfits that cinch in at this point. Wrap dresses, belts, and peplum tops are your allies in accentuating your waist and creating an hourglass illusion. This not only enhances your natural curves but also balances the broader shoulders.

Sleek A-Line Silhouettes

A-line skirts and dresses gracefully flow from the waist, providing a balanced and flattering look. These silhouettes add volume to the lower body, creating visual symmetry with the broader shoulders. Choose fabrics that drape well to enhance the flow of the A-line.

Looser, Wider Bottoms

When it comes to bottoms, choose styles that balance the proportions of your upper body. Flared, flowy, and wide-legged pants create volume around the ankles, balancing out the broader shoulders. This style not only looks chic and is in style, but also adds a touch of retro flair to your ensemble.

Detailed Hips and Butt

Look for skirts and pants with pockets, pleats, or patterns on the lower half to add visual interest and volume. Choose bottoms with horizontal details or patterns to widen the hips visually. A simple top with the bottom part of your ensemble being more of the star will draw attention away from the wider top half.

Choose the Right Sleeves

Three-quarter length or flutter sleeves can draw attention away from the shoulders and add a feminine touch. Avoid shoulder pads or overly puffy sleeves, as they can exaggerate the broadness of the shoulders.

Show Off Your Legs

You may be lacking in the hips and thighs area but if you have a nice set of long legs, be sure to highlight them often. Short shorts and skirts can help draw the gaze to your bottom half and less focus on your wider shoulders. Pair your outfit with high heels or chunky sneakers for a more elongated, sexy silhouette.

Experiment with Layers

Layering is a fantastic way to add dimension and balance to your outfit. Try strategic layering with blazers, cardigans, and scarves to add dimensions to your silhouette and conceal any ‘problem’ areas.

Play with Patterns and Colors

While solid colors are a timeless choice, don’t shy away from experimenting with patterns. Horizontal stripes, in moderation, can add a playful touch and create the illusion of width around the hips. Darker colors on top and lighter shades on the bottom also contribute to a more balanced appearance.

Say Yes to Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are a versatile and stylish option for the inverted triangle body shape. They effortlessly elongate your silhouette and create a flow that complements the broader shoulders. Look for styles with empire waists or subtle details around the hips to enhance the overall balance.

Avoid Too Tight Tops

While it’s essential to highlight the waist, overly tight tops can emphasize the broad shoulders. Opt for well-fitted, but not overly tight, tops. Oversized shirts and sweaters can also help make you appear less broad up top while giving a fun, playful vibe.

Accessorize Strategically

Trendy scarves can add layers to your outfit and help conceal wide shoulder shoulders. A cinched waist with a statement belt can draw the gaze to your hips, while sparkly earrings and a necklace draw attention upwards.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape Outfit Ideas

Business Professional

inverted triangle body shape

For a sophisticated and empowering look, opt for a tailored pantsuit that highlights your strong shoulders and defined waist. Choose a blazer with a deep V-neckline to draw attention to the center and balance the broader upper body. Pair it with high-waisted, wide-leg trousers or jeans that create a graceful flow, adding a touch of femininity to the structured ensemble. Complete the look with pointed-toe heels to elongate your silhouette and a statement belt to emphasize your waist.

Recommended Looks:

Casual Femme

Achieve a laid-back yet stylish vibe with a casual chic outfit. Choose a peplum top that flares out at the waist, creating a flattering silhouette that balances your shoulders. Opt for skinny jeans, a skirt, or shorts to showcase your toned legs. Play with patterns or textures in the top to add interest to the ensemble. Complete the look with ankle boots or stylish sneakers for a comfortable and fashionable finish.

Recommended Looks:

Boho Babe

Embrace bohemian vibes with a flowy maxi dress that’s flattering to your inverted triangle shape. Look for a dress with a defined waist and a V-neck or wrap neckline to draw attention to your upper body. Layer a denim jacket over the dress to add structure and balance. Complete the boho-chic look with ankle boots or gladiator sandals, and don’t forget to accessorize with a wide-brimmed hat and statement jewelry for an effortless, free-spirited style.

Recommended Looks:

Date Night Glam

inverted triangle body shape

For a glamorous evening look that’s casual yet sexy, choose a form fitting mini-dress that showcases your legs and thighs. Drape your shoulders with a chic blazer or large jacket to minimize your shoulders and add layers to your look. Complete the look with strappy heels or boots and a statement purse for a cute and flirty ensemble perfect for a date night.

Recommended Looks:

Urban Trendy

Create a trendy and casual weekend look by pairing a graphic tee with high-waisted, wide-leg jeans or shorts. The high-waisted style will define your waist, while the wide-leg silhouette adds volume and balance. Tuck in the graphic tee to highlight your waistline, and throw on a bomber jacket or a denim shirt for an extra layer of style. Finish the look with comfortable sneakers or boots for a laid-back yet stylish outfit.

Recommended Looks:

Celebrities With Inverted Triangle Body Shapes

Demi Moore

inverted triangle body shape

The iconic Demi Moore, known for her powerful presence on and off the screen, proudly showcases her inverted triangle body shape. She can often be seen gracing the red carpets in elongating, slim-fit, A-line dresses highlighting her toned and petite figure.

Angelina Jolie

inverted triangle body shape

Angelina Jolie, a global style icon, effortlessly balances her broad shoulders with tailored outfits that emphasize her slender waist. Whether she’s donning a classic pantsuit or a flowing gown, Angelina showcases how to embrace and celebrate the inverted triangle body shape with confidence and poise.

Naomi Campbell

inverted triangle body shape

Supermodel Naomi Campbell’s statuesque figure is a testament to the beauty of the inverted triangle body shape. Her runway presence often features outfits that highlight her strong shoulders, toned arms, and defined waist. Naomi’s fashion choices emphasize the power and grace inherent in her unique silhouette.

Jessica Biel

inverted triangle body shape

Classic beauty actress Jessica Biel gracefully embraces her inverted triangle body shape with a simple but high fashion sense of style. Jessica wears her broad shoulders proudly and is often seen in arm and shoulder baring dresses that cinch and accentuate her toned waist, effortlessly striking a balance between strength and femininity.

Jennie Kim

inverted triangle body shape

K-pop sensation Jennie Kim, known for her dynamic performances and chic fashion sense, skillfully embraces her inverted triangle body shape. Whether she’s on stage or attending high-profile events, Jennie frequently opts for outfits that highlight her slim figure and extremely defined waist. Her fashion choices exude confidence and playfulness, layering form fitting outfits with trendy jackets and accessories.

Cameron Diaz

inverted triangle body shape

Cameron Diaz radiates confidence with her inverted triangle body shape, showcasing a style that effortlessly balances her athletic, petite frame with femininity. Known for her chill, 90’s style, Cameron is either in slinky, form fitting designer dresses on red carpets or in a simple pair of skinny pants and a trendy top when out and about. While not the curviest, Cameron’s fashion choices have never been shy when showing off her toned physique– broad shoulders, narrow waist and all.

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