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Tips For Wearing Gender Neutral Swimwear

Looking forward to finally show off your beach body this upcoming summer? That can be nerve wracking in itself. But choosing the best gender neutral swimwear without looking like that awkward person at the beach can make it 10x more difficult.

You want something that is flattering that stands out, but also a bathing suit that doesn’t draw attention to parts of your body you don’t want it to. Having an adequate amount of coverage can also be a big concern. While it may seem like there aren’t many options out there, the market for gender neutral swimwear is quickly growing with designers riding the waves of change, crafting swimwear that is not bound by gender.

Different Styles of Gender Neutral Swimwear

Non-binary individuals, often marginalized in the world of fashion, are finding a refreshing wave of representation in the realm of gender-neutral swimwear. And with more and more people finding the need for gender neutral swimwear today, more ideas and styles have developed, all made to flatter a variety of body types and styles.

Here are some of the top gender neutral swimwear styles you can take inspiration from.

Swim Trunks or Board Shorts

gender neutral swimwear

Swim trunks and board shorts, originally associated with male swimwear, have become a staple in gender-neutral swim fashion. Tighter swim trunks are flattering to your butt, while still offering more coverage than bikini bottoms. Looser fitting trunks and board shorts are more forgiving and can be worn at shorter and longer lengths, depending on how much you want to show. You can pair your shorts with any top, really– a bikini top, sports bra, rash guard, to just a simple T-shirt.

One Piece Bodysuits

gender neutral swimwear

One-piece swimsuits have also grown in popularity for those looking for non-binary swimwear. One piece body suits aren’t just limited to scuba divers and surfers anymore as they now come in designs with flattering shapes and cuts that come in a variety of colors and styles. They can also have a slimming effect where your most vulnerable parts are sucked in and covered.

Swim Tops and Rash Guards

gender neutral swimwear

Swim tops and rash guards are not just for surfing—they’ve become essential elements of gender-neutral swimwear. These tops offer extra coverage and protection from the sun while allowing for diverse styling options. Mix up short or long sleeve tops paired with board shorts or a bikini bottom for a sporty, gender neutral look.

Binder-Inclusive Designs

gender neutral swimwear

There are non-binary swimwear lines that take into account the unique needs of individuals who wear binders, offering designs that provide discreet support and comfort without compromising style. Try a bikini, crop top, tank top, or sports bra that come with a built-in chest binder to flatten your chest and reduce the amount of undergarments you need to wear.

Athleisure Fusion

gender neutral swimwear

Blurring the line between athletic wear and swimwear is not only trendy, it allows you to look beach ready while having a bit more coverage. A fusion of your go-to bikini top or sports bra and workout shorts, or perhaps a stylish bathing suit paired with a trendy tennis skirt will give you a trendy look without being overly feminine or masculine.

Flattering Tankinis

gender neutral swimwear

If you’re not quite ready for a bikini but want a bit of a more feminine style than just a T-shirt or sports bra, tankinis have long been a popular choice for those seeking a bit more coverage while still being sexy. You can find unlimited designs and patterns that range from body hugging to more of a flowy fit. Pair them with bikini bottoms, swim shorts or a skirt to complete the look.

Other Styling Tips

  • Flowing Silhouettes: Traditional swimwear often adheres to tight, form-fitting designs that adhere strictly to binary norms. Gender-neutral swimwear, on the other hand, embraces flowing silhouettes that allow for movement and comfort.
    Loose-fitting shorts, skirts, and tops in breathable fabrics like cotton or linen create a fluid aesthetic that blurs the lines between traditional masculine and feminine styles.
  • Colors, Prints, and Patterns: Designers are embracing bold prints and patterns that reject traditional gender associations. From vibrant geometric shapes to nature-inspired prints, these swimsuits are a canvas for self-expression.
    Dark colors and patterns can be more forgiving in terms of concealing any potential bulges or lines. Opting for swimwear with busy patterns or darker hues can divert attention and create a more seamless appearance.
  • Mix-and-Match Sets: Get creative and create a blend of different styles to create your own bathing suit. Many brands offer separate tops and bottoms, allowing individuals to curate their own unique looks.
    You may see a cute bikini top you like but the teeny tiny bottoms may be a no go. Find a pair of complementary high-waisted shorts for a similar but more forgiving look.

Best Gender Neutral Swimwear Brands

gender neutral swimwear

TomboyX is a trailblazing brand that champions inclusivity in swimwear. Their designs seamlessly blend comfort with style, offering gender-neutral options for all body types. From vibrant prints to classic cuts, TomboyX is a go-to destination for those seeking swimwear that defies traditional norms.

Rebirth Garments:
Rebirth Garments is a beacon of creativity in the gender-neutral swimwear landscape. Their designs are a fusion of art and fashion, offering unique pieces that celebrate non-conformity. If you’re looking for swimwear that transcends norms and embraces the beauty of diversity, Rebirth Garments has you covered.

Origami Customs: Origami Customs is synonymous with innovation in gender-neutral swimwear. Committed to sustainability, their eco-friendly bikini sets redefine beach fashion. With recycled materials and modern designs, Origami Customs proves that style and environmental consciousness can go hand in hand.

LeoLines: LeoLines stands out for its commitment to gender-affirming swimwear. Their swim bottoms are thoughtfully designed to provide a smooth silhouette, catering to a range of gender expressions. With inclusive sizing and styles, LeoLines empowers individuals to feel confident and comfortable in their swimwear choices.

TomboyX Unisuit

gender neutral swimwear

The TomboyX Unisuit is a versatile and gender-inclusive one-piece that defies traditional swimwear norms. Crafted from quick-drying, breathable fabric, this swimsuit is designed for all body types. With its racerback and comfortable fit, it’s a go-to choice for those seeking a sporty yet stylish swim option.

Yonique 3 Piece Athletic Tankini Swimsuit

gender neutral swimwear

Yonique 3 Piece Athletic Tankini Swimsuit includes a tankini top, sports bra and boy shorts. You have the option to don the sports bra top for sunbathing and switch to the tankini while strolling. The U-neck tankini top in blue and white stripes is comfortably loose and sufficiently long to conceal your midsection. Its unique open-back design is sleek, sexy, and accentuates your curves.

Roxy Women’s to Dye 7” Board Shorts

gender neutral swimwear

These Roxy Women’s to Dye 7” Board Shorts are the perfect length board shorts, not too long and not too short. Made with breathable, stretchy fabric, these swim shorts can easily be paired with any top, from a bikini, sports bra, or T-shirt to take a dip in the water or while partaking in other summer activities.

O’NEILL Women’s Basic 50+ Long Sleeve Rash Guard

gender neutral swimwear

O’NEILL’s Women’s Basic 50+ Long Sleeve Rash Guard is perfect for surfing, swimming, boating, or just all around beach days. Made from polyester and spandex, the seamless lining will have a fit that feels like second skin with a flattering, slight compression effect. Pair with bikini bottoms, board shorts, or go all out and rock matching swim tights for full coverage.

BaronHong Tomboy Chest Binder Quick-Drying Swimwear Set

gender neutral swimwear

The BaronHong Tomboy Chest Binder Set is a great option for those looking for swimwear with a built-in binder. Made from 95% cotton as well as elastic, mesh fiber and breathable chiffon lining, the binder top has breathable fiber for rapid drying and makes you flatter without feeling restrained. Can be used as swimwear or general under garments.

Inno 2 Piece Plus Size Rash Guard with Boy Shorts

gender neutral swimwear

Inno 2 Piece Plus Size Rash Guard with Boy Shorts set is a simple yet cute androgynous bathing suit that includes a short sleeve swimsuit top and high waisted boy shorts with a built in soft panty. It provides full coverage that fits loosely, allowing full range of movement while moving. The shorts are form-fitting and long enough to protect rubbing of the inner thighs.

CharmLeaks Boyleg Racerback One Piece Swimsuit

gender neutral swimwear

CharmLeaks Boyleg Racerback One Piece Swimsuit provides a snug like a glove fit, crafted from soft and stretchable fabric that maintains its shape and dries quickly. It offers excellent support through built-in soft bra pads and a racerback design. This one piece swimsuit is super comfortable, allowing smooth movement in the water while staying securely in place, preventing the legs from rolling up. It’s not only flattering but functional.

Daci Two Piece Rash Guard Long Sleeve Swimsuits

gender neutral swimwear

Daci Two Piece Rash Guard Long Sleeve Swimsuits is made of comfortable, UV blocking fabric with UPF that offers your full body coverage while protecting you against rashes, abrasions, and harmful UV Rays. The long sleeve, raglan shirt is breathable, stretchy, and made out of quick-dry material. The fitted, matching boy shorts will give your bum a nice flattering lift while still offering full coverage.

How to Tuck in Swimwear

Tucking with swimwear is a common concern for individuals who want to achieve a flatter, more gender-neutral appearance while wearing swimsuits. Here are some general tips on how to tuck with swimwear:

Invest in Compression Swimwear:
Look for swimwear made from compression materials that provide support and help flatten the chest and pelvic area. Compression swim tops and bottoms are specifically designed to minimize curves and create a more streamlined silhouette.

Wear Compression Undergarments:
Undergarments designed for compression can be worn underneath swimwear to help with tucking. Compression shorts, binders, or gaffs can be effective in creating a smoother and flatter appearance.

Use Gaffs:
Gaffs are undergarments designed to securely tuck the genitalia, creating a smoother look. There are swim-friendly gaffs made from materials that are suitable for water activities. Ensure that the gaff is designed for swimwear use and won’t retain water, causing discomfort.

Layer with Swim Shorts or Skirts:
To add an extra layer of coverage and concealment, consider wearing swim shorts or a swim skirt over your compression swim bottoms. This not only provides a stylish touch but also helps create a more gender-neutral look.

Adjustable Straps and Waistbands:
Look for swimwear with adjustable features, such as straps and waistbands. This allows you to customize the fit for your body, ensuring a secure and comfortable tuck. Adjustable features also provide flexibility in achieving the desired level of compression.

Consider Board Shorts or High-Waisted Bottoms:
Board shorts and high-waisted swim bottoms can be flattering options for those looking to minimize the appearance of the pelvic area. These styles provide extra coverage and create a more gender-neutral aesthetic.

Waterproof Adhesive Strips:
Some individuals use waterproof adhesive strips or tape to secure the tucked area and prevent any accidental exposure. Ensure that the adhesive is safe for use on the skin and won’t cause irritation, especially in water.

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