are crocs in style 2023

Yes! Crocs Are Still In Style in 2024!

To Croc or not to Croc, that is the question…you ask yourself every summer when you’re in search for an easy, slip-on summer shoe you can run your errands in or have a low key beach day.

Crocs are the ideal shoe for those who are planning on being on their feet for a long time. They are the perfect work shoe and even include slip-resistant versions perfect for servers, retail, and those working on hard, outdoor pavements. The rubbery material has excellent shock absorbance offering support for your feet, ankles, knees, and back.

crocs are in style

So are Crocs still in style or will I look like a total dweeb for wearing them? It’s annoying that it’s even something to worry about when a shoe is more designed for comfort. I won’t even get into the dilemma we face every winter when we have to Google, ‘Are Uggs out of style?’

Are Crocs Still In Style in 2024?

Well, the best way to test if a product is out-of-style or not to see what celebrities are wearing them and my research has found that, yes…Crocs are absolutely still in style in 2024!

In fact, Crocs has been busy launching new campaigns with many celebrities, including their new global ambassador Lil Nas X and Lindsay Lohan, to show Crocs are more than just ‘dad boating shoes’.

are crocs still in style 2023
Lindsay Lohan
Lil Nas X
Justin Bieber, Priyanka Chopra, and Ariana Grande

Types of Crocs

Most people are familiar with the clog Crocs but did you know there are actually 7 different types of Crocs?


are crocs still in style

The Classic Croc Clogs are the most popular, go-to pair of clogs with all the comfort you expect without compromising style. Crocs clogs come with or without the back strap and with either a Mary Jane or sandal-type silhouette, in all sorts of colors and designs.


Crocs also has a diverse collection of rain and winter boots that come in all different styles. Crocs boots will keep you warm and dry in all conditions. Cute and functional. Get the fuzz-lined boots for unbelievable warmth and comfort.


are crocs still in style

The super comfy Crocs sandal come with arch support and are perfect as beach shoes, pool shoes, or shoes for out on the town. These sandals are made from Crocs’ original Croslite foam making them incredibly lightweight and comfortable, giving them all-day wear-ability for when you are out and about.


are crocs still in style

Whether you’re relaxing around the house or spending a day at the pool, Crocs has got you covered with their large variety of women’s slide on sandals. Never sacrifice comfort or support with Crocs slides, since most of them are made from CrosliteTM foam, an incredibly lightweight material made for all-day wear and amazing arch support.


are crocs still in style

Kick back in cute and colorful Crocs flip-flops and enjoy the warm spring and summer weather. Completely water-proof and extra lightweight, these athletic flip-flops offer arch support for maximum comfort and all-day wear.

Platform / Wedges

are crocs still in style

If you’re looking for something a little more dressy or just want to elongate your legs, a pair of Crocs platform wedges are a summer necessity. They have all of the same comfort as the Classic Clog and sandals, but with a little more oomph in its 1.7-2.4 inch wedge platform heel.


are crocs still in style

If you’re looking for an athletic sneaker, Crocs has got that covered as well. Made for style, comfort, and performance, Crocs sneakers are made with extra padding, a sink-in cushion, and extremely lightweight foam, making it the perfect running or hiking shoe.

Crocs Bayaband Clog

are crocs in style

A combination of the popular Croc Baya and Crocband silhouette, these Crocs for men and women are incredibly lightweight, water-friendly and buoyant. The Croslite foam offers an Iconic Crocs Comfort that is perfect for relaxing at home or hanging around town. It also includes pivoting heel straps for a more secure fit.

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Crocs Classic Mega Crush Platform Clogs

Crocs Classic Mega Crush Platform Clogs have all the great features of the Classic Clog but with a 2.4 inch platform heel. These clogs are not only comfortable but are also super flattering. The chunkiness of the platform will make your legs look thinner and a mile long.

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Crocs Baya Fuzz-Lined Clog

Designed with function and warmth in mind, the soft and lined Crocs Baya Fuzz-Lined Clog are so warm you really can just slip them on barefoot in the middle of winter and run all your errands while literally wearing no socks. The traditional heel straps give you a secure, snug fit for step in and go comfort.

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Crocs Classic Platform Slide

Crocs Classic Platform Slide is a take one the Classic Slide but adds a 1.2 inch platform. These platform sandals come in a range of colors and graphics that can pair with any outfit. They are incredibly lightweight and comfortable for long periods of being on your feet.

Buy on Amazon: Crocs Classic Platform Slide

Crocs Freesail Shorty Rainboot Rain Boot

are crocs in style

For cold or rainy days, the Crocs Freesail Rain Boot is a top choice. These boots will allow you to freely walk around in the harshest weather conditions while keeping your feet warm and dry. You’ll be looking for puddles to jump in when you have these Crocs boots on.

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How To Wear Crocs

What do Crocs go with? The beauty of Crocs is they kind of go with nothing in particular and everything as well.

My favorite way to pair Crocs is with a light, airy sundress or shorts. It’s perfect for day-time wear, especially when you plan to do a lot of walking.

crocs are in style
crocs are in style

Seriously, don’t think Crocs are just some plastic slippers you’d throw on with sweat pants to run to the store. All though if that’s what you choose to do, that’s fine too!

You can pair Crocs with wide leg jeans or slacks for a comfy day-time outfit or more of a professional look for work.

crocs are in style
crocs are in style

Or you can just use them as an excuse to wear bright, neon shoes. When else can you do that?

are crocs in style

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How To Care For My Crocs?

One of the main benefits of Crocs of how easy they are to clean. You can literally stomp through dirt and mud and have a spotless pair of Crocs after a quick 5 minute cleaning. The best way to clean your Crocs is to just hand clean them with regular soap and water.

Dish soap can help get off extra, dried up grime. If you don’t have the time to even do that, just throw them in your washing machine’s gentle cycle. No need to dry them after.

Final Consensus

The answer is a definite yes! Crocs are still in style in 2024 and are popular among both men and women. Crocs are not only made for just comfort– although they do succeed in that area as well. They’re also an effortless and stylish fashion statement. Crocs can make a dressed down outfit look a little more trendy or tone down an overdressed outfit so it’s safe for a casual outing.

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