how to get a more feminine voice

How To Get a More Feminine Voice

If you’re wanting to know how to get a more feminine voice you may have been feeling a bit self-conscious about having a deeper voice. A soft, gentle voice is often seen as a traditionally feminine trait, although we know that’s a stereotype that often doesn’t ring true. 

How to Get a More Feminine Voice

how to get a more feminine voice

While it may be impossible to permanently change your voice without some sort of trauma to your vocal cords attached, if you’re looking to get a more feminine voice there are a few things you can do. 

Practice Speaking in a Higher Register

You can try speaking in a higher register by humming, singing, or speaking in a falsetto voice. Gradually, try to integrate this higher pitch into your normal speaking voice. Speak in the highest range as you can without causing any stress to your throat. Aim to stay at that level as any higher may sound unnatural or even cause damage to your vocal chords.

Speak Slower

Speaking slowly and deliberately will help you sound more sophisticated and relaxed. You can do a better job at controlling the pitch and tone of your voice if you aren’t just quickly blurting out words. Enunciate and pronounce each word and speak eloquently to sound more graceful and feminine.

Speak Quieter

You don’t have to whisper, but speak at a volume that is soft and draws people in. Speaking loudly causes more strain to your voice which will make it sound more tense and lower. Plus it may help give off the impression of sounding more feminine since feminine women are more stereo-typically viewed as quiet and reserved.


This may seem counterintuitive, but smiling while you speak actually makes your voice sound warmer and more pleasant to listen to. When you smile, your facial muscles lift and your voice naturally sounds brighter and more feminine. Try to speak as if you’re smiling, even if you’re not actually smiling.

Speak From Your Diaphragm

When you speak from your diaphragm, it allows more air to enter your lungs which will give your voice more volume and projection. This will help you project a more feminine voice with less strain. Take a deep breath before you speak and use your abdominal muscles to support your voice instead of speaking from your chest.

Don’t Tighten Your Throat Muscles

Tightening your throat muscles when you speak will make your voice sound constricted and unnatural. When you speak, focus on keeping your throat relaxed and open. You can practice this by humming or singing since these activities also require an open throat.

Use Pitch Inflection

Varying the pitch of your voice can make it sound more melodic and feminine. When you’re speaking, pay attention to the pitch of your voice and see if you can make it go up and down smoothly instead of speaking in a monotone. Experiment with inflection by emphasizing different words or syllables when you speak.

Work on Your Resonance

Women typically have a more resonant voice, meaning that their voice tends to vibrate in the front of their face and mouth. Practice speaking with more resonance by focusing on articulating sounds in the front of your mouth. Envision the words you’re speaking and how they’re coming out of your lips.

Get a Vocal Coach

A vocal coach can help train your voice to sound more feminine with personalized guidance and feedback to help you identify areas where you can improve your tone, pitch, and resonance.

A professional vocal coach will teach you proper breathing techniques, such as diaphragmatic breathing, which can help you control your voice and produce a more feminine tone. They can also provide exercises and drills that can help you practice speaking in a higher register and with more varied intonation.

Stop Smoking

Smoking can damage the vocal cords and irritate the throat, which can lead to a hoarse or raspy voice. There’s nothing feminine associated with a smoker’s voice. Smoking can also cause an increase in inflammation and mucus production in the throat, which can lead to a more congested-sounding, gravely voice. 


For more drastic measures on how to get a more feminine voice, there are a surgeries available to permanently change a voice. Voice feminization surgery or feminization laryngoplasty is a type of surgical procedure that is intended to alter the voice from a masculine sounding voice to a more feminine sounding voice.

This type of surgery is typically performed on transgender women or individuals who identify as non-binary and want to have a more feminine voice.

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Wrap Up

how to get a more feminine voice

If you’re working on how to get a more feminine voice, just know it’s not a one and done deal. Achieving a more feminine voice takes time and practice. You won’t be able to permanently change your natural speaking voice without surgery, but with these different methods you’ll be able to increase your vocal range so you can speak in a higher range.

It’s also totally OK to be a women with a deeper voice. It’s an uncommon myth that men find women with deep voices unattractive or ‘manly’, at least not the men you want to be around anyway. If you want to change your voice to sound more feminine for yourself or a character, go ahead and give these methods a try!

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