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Belif Skincare Review: Herbal Traditions With Modern Technology

Belif Skincare is an innovative South Korean brand that combines time-honored herbal traditions with modern technology to create skincare solutions to tackle common skin issues. The brand draws inspiration from the philosophy of apothecary traditions, which emphasize using natural ingredients to create effective and gentle skincare products. 

Being obsessed with Korean skincare products, I wanted to test out and review a few of the most popular products from the Belif Skincare line.

Belif Skincare Line

Belif offers a wide range of skincare products, each formulated to address specific skin concerns and deliver visible results. Let’s take a closer look at some of their top-rated products.

Belif True Cream Aqua Bomb

best gel-based moisturizer

This best-selling moisturizer is a lightweight, water-based gel-cream that provides intense hydration and locks in moisture, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and revitalized. It is suitable for all skin types, including oily and combination skin.

  • Key Highlights:
    • Formulated with Lady’s Mantle, an herb known for its soothing and moisturizing properties.
    • Provides a burst of hydration without feeling heavy or greasy.
    • Helps to improve skin’s elasticity and create a smooth, supple complexion.


The Belif True Cream Aqua Bomb is a high quality moisturizer that’s super lightweight, leaving your skin hydrated without feeling oily or heavy. Great for someone like me with normal-to-oily skin. Not a lot of product is needed for all day hydration, which is good because it is a bit on the pricey end ($38 per Belif’s website).

My favorite effects from the Aqua Bomb moisturizer is the way it smooths and plumps the skin which seems to help combat the effects of sagging skin. It’s an ideal moisturizer for day-time wear and summer months, although dryer skin conditions or harsher weather may not find it as effective.

Belif True Cream Moisturizing Bomb

This rich and creamy moisturizer is ideal for dry and dehydrated skin. It provides all day hydration leaving skin feeling soft, smooth and supple. It uses time–tested apothecary herbs like Panthenol, Comfrey Leaf & Oat Extract to deeply, safely moisturize for even the most sensitive skin types.

  • Key Highlights:
    • Formulated with a blend of Comfrey Leaf, a powerful hydrating ingredient.
    • Locks in moisture and prevents water loss, keeping the skin hydrated throughout the day.
    • Helps to improve the skin’s texture and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb is similar to the Aqua Bomb moisturizer but has a more creamier texture. I personally preferred the gel texture of Aqua Bomb as it feels a bit more light weight and like it penetrates deeper. But the True Cream Moisturizing Bomb is a favorite for many others, so it’s hard to say which one is better.

Similar to the Aqua Bomb (and similarly priced at $38 per Belif’s website), this moisturizer has a cooling, ultra hydrated feeling that lasts all day. It works well at moisturizing combination to oily skin without leaving your face feeling greasy. It works great as a day time or over night moisturizer, and will have your skin noticeably smooth and soft.

Belif Hungarian Water Essence

This hydrating essence is a powerful blend of herbs and minerals inspired by Hungary’s famous thermal baths. It replenishes moisture, revitalizes dull skin, and improves the skin’s overall texture and appearance. Great for all skin-types, but more beneficial for combo to dry, dehydrated skin.

  • Key Highlights:
    • Infused with Hungarian water and herbs like rosemary and lavender.
    • Lightweight, fast-absorbing formula that leaves the skin plump and radiant.
    • Helps to strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier and enhance its natural glow.


The Belif Hungarian Water Essence is a high-moisturizing, aqua-based serum best used after your toner and before your moisturizer. It’s lightweight formula absorbs instantly into your skin leaving it feeling and looking quenched. It’s a bit on the pricier side ($42 per Belif’s website) but is a great option if your skin is dry and in need or hydration.

If I had to choose for the sake of saving product, I’d use it as a night-time repair essence before my moisturizer. You’ll wake up with skin so hydrated and refreshed, you hardly need to apply any products in the morning. It also seems to help boost the effects of other Belif products when used together.

Belif Aqua Bomb Hydrating Toner

This lightweight toner provides a refreshing splash of hydration to help nurture skin for a smoother, softer, and healthier-looking complexion. It’s filled with natural, nourishing ingredients like a natural hyaluronic acid, Lady’s Mantle, antioxidants, and honey suckle that’s effective and gentle for all skin types.

  • Key Highlights:
    • Helps to control excess oil production and minimize the appearance of pores.
    • Soothes and calms the skin, reducing redness and irritation.
    • Prepares the skin for optimal absorption of serums and moisturizers.


The Belif Aqua Bomb Hydrating Toner is my go-to, favorite daily toner right now. It has a cooling, skin-tightening effect that helps prepare a moisturized, smooth canvas before applying makeup. It isn’t drying like some other toners and works well in alleviating red, swollen skin from acne.

My favorite part of this toner is its pore and oil control. My skin can get pretty oily by late afternoon but it has been way less oily since regular use. The Aqua Bomb toner is definitely worth every bit of its price ($30 per the Belif website) and is an essential in my daily skincare routine.

Belif Moisturizing Eye Bomb

Belif’s Moisturizing Eye Bomb is a lightweight, refreshing eye cream that smooths fine lines and puffiness around the eyes for younger looking eyes. Safe for all skin types, this moisturizing eye cream helps boost elasticity, giving a smoother texture for flawless makeup application.

  • Key Highlights:
    • Clinically-tested, provides 26 hours of moisture.
    • Formulated with hydrating herb, Comfrey leaf, and elasticity-boosting Pennywort herb.
    • Helps to improve the skin’s texture and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


This moisturizing eye bomb is one of the top-selling Belif skincare products and has gotten rave reviews on social media for its ability to erase fine lines near the eyes. While fine lines aren’t too much of an issue for me yet, I did notice the benefits in reducing puffiness and dark circles. It also has a smooth, matte texture that’s not oily at all. Perfect for someone like me whose eye makeup tends to smudge.

It’s a bit on the pricier end ($48 per the Belif website), and I can see why. It’s a high quality, luxurious eye cream that gives you visible immediate effects and improves the way your foundation goes on. It’s definitely a top-tier choice if you suffer from fine-lines and dark circles under your eyes.

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